Dark Mode Late Show #13 – Dark/Off

March 18 10:15 pm 11:59 pm CET

Is it dark or not? You get to decide. A bunch of comics try to outdo themselves in horribleness. You vote for the darkest comic!

After a two year plus hiatus including a pandemic, team changes, and more – Europe’s premiere dark comedy show in English is BACK.

The Dark Mode Late Show is a new addition to our show roster – featuring both new and experienced standup comedians, trying new material or trying old material. A cavaclade of people who attempt to make you laugh will go one by one and hit you with the darkest things they can think of. Anything can happen and we sometimes have special guests!

This is our first attempt at a new format! I’m sick and tired of booking comics that think that they are dark but still don’t understand what pain is. That’s why in this show, comics will enter the ring one by one. After each comic you will get to vote, was this dark enough or not? The darkest comic of the night wins an entire TEN EUROS, but also the title of “Dark Off Master”; then he can dark his friends off too! Am I overrelying on this pun in the copy? Yes, but it’s early in the day and I’m tired.

DOORS ARE AT 22:15, SHOW STARTS AT 22:30 – this a donation based show and we have hungry actors to pay as well as addiction cravings to satisfy! Suggested donation is 10-15 euros but if you can’t afford it, we’re still happy to have you!

Bergstraße 2
Berlin, BE 10115 Germany
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