The Dark Off Hall of Shame

Dark Off is a competition for the darkest, most depraved, most traumatized comedian in Berlin!

We’ve begun the competition March 18th 2023 with our first heat!


Heat 1: 18/3/23:

Winner: Abi Mohanty; Runner up: Sepideh

Heat 2: 1/4/23

Heat 3: 15/4/23

Heat 4/Final – TBD

Our winners so far

Abi Mohanty

Winner of Heat 1

Abi is a Berlin based comedian. Born in India, she didn’t go far from the stereotype of being a software engineer. While that fills her pockets, comedy fills the void in her heart. Currently converting childhood trauma into jokes one show at a time, Abi has been performing all over Europe, usually in places where Ryanair goes.

Instagram: @abiscomedy


Runner up of Heat 1

Sepideh is an Iranian stand-up comedian based in Berlin. She grew up in the Middle East, spoiled by oil money and patriarchy, and came to Europe to pursue her dream of becoming an average engineer. Her humor has been described as dark and gross but eye-opening.

Instagram: @sepcomedy