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Event Series Event Series: Dark Mode Late Show

Dark Mode Late Show #17 – Dark/Off Finals!

May 6, 2023 10:15 pm 11:59 pm CEST

Is it dark or not? You get to decide. A bunch of comics try to outdo themselves in horribleness. You vote for the darkest comic! The finals!

After a two year plus hiatus including a pandemic, team changes, and more – Europe’s premiere dark comedy show in English is BACK.

The Dark Mode Late Show is a new addition to our show roster – featuring both new and experienced standup comedians, trying new material or trying old material. A cavaclade of people who attempt to make you laugh will go one by one and hit you with the darkest things they can think of. Anything can happen and we sometimes have special guests!

This is the finals of DARK/OFF! I’m sick and tired of booking comics that think that they are dark but still don’t understand what pain is. That’s why in this show, comics will enter the ring one by one. After each comic you will get to vote, was this dark enough or not?

The champion dark comic will receive an astonishing prize purse of THIRTY EUROS, and also the title of “Dark Off Master”; then he can dark his friends off too! Am I overrelying on this pun in the copy? Yes, but it’s early in the day and I’m tired.


Abi Mohanty Winner of Heat 1

Abi is a Berlin based comedian. Born in India, she didn’t go far from the stereotype of being a software engineer. While that fills her pockets, comedy fills the void in her heart. Currently converting childhood trauma into jokes one show at a time, Abi has been performing all over Europe, usually in places where Ryanair goes.

Instagram: @abiscomedy https://instagram.com/abiscomedy

Sepideh Runner up of Heat 1

Sepideh is an Iranian stand-up comedian based in Berlin. She grew up in the Middle East, spoiled by oil money and patriarchy, and came to Europe to pursue her dream of becoming an average engineer. Her humor has been described as dark and gross but eye-opening.

Instagram: @sepcomedy https://instagram.com/sepcomedy

Nav Jain Winner of Heat 2

Nav was born in a small city surrounded by desert in north west of India and now calls Berlin his home. He has been doing standup comedy for 4 years and has perfomed in multiple countries during this time. He loves sharing his oberservations & stories about this fascinating world. He is known in for his standup comedy shows “Becoming a Berlin” and “Navigation Story” So don’t hold back and join on his comedy ride!

Instagram: @iamnavjain https://instagram.com/iamnavjain

Viktoriia Petrovski Runner up Heat 2

Viktoriia Petrovski is an international comedian based in Berlin. Being described as “forward” and “opinionated” she prefers to call herself a “Marilyn Manson in a body of a chihuahua”. Bringing her failed relationships, ridiculous dating life and her unfortunate origins to the stage, Petrovski focuses on the honest exposure of human stupidity [including her own], highlighting the weakness of our hearts and darkness of our mind.

Instagram: @petrovski_standup https://instagram.com/petrovski_standup

Mila Panic Winner of Heat 3

Mila is a decent person bred in Bosnia. She started doing comedy, after another comedian bit her.

Instagram: @panic_mila https://instagram.com/panic_mila

Nikita Kha Runner up of Heat 3

Despite his name, Nikita is A MALE comedian. Despite his looks, he’s not from China. His comedy style is just as surprising as his bio. Come to the show to find out his take on politics in siberia, buddhism and being handsome

Check the Dark Off hall of shame here: https://dark-mo.de/the-dark-off-hall-of-shame/


Nir Gottleid (@thenireast on instagram) is an Israeli comic who has performed in the throughout Europe, the US, and Israel. He has come to Germany to, as he says, “make Germans feel uncomfortable as a form of reparations”; he would prefer to date Germans to achieve his goal, but sadly German women have intelligence, common sense, and eyes — therefore he’s forced to do comedy instead. His combination of dark humor, self-deprecation, and obscene “dad jokes” will leave him in stitches, because you are very likely to stab him after his set.

You can see some of his work here!

Instagram https://instagram.com/thenireast

YouTube youtube.com/@thenireast


TikTok tiktok.com/@thenireast

you can also find the rest of the links here: linktr.ee/nirgottleid

Nir has been touring Europe, and has produced multiple successful shows such as “The Berlin Offensive”, “Schindler’s Fist”, and more. He is widely regarded as the darkest comedian in the English comedy scene in Germany and more than meets that expectation by awkwardly talking to audiences about things he most definitely shouldn’t be talking about.

His first solo show, “The Revenge of the Jew-Di” is a 60 to 90 minute exploration of holocaust puns, the life of an Israeli expat in Germany, dating in modern day Berlin, and more. It is currently on tour in Germany and Europe and you can get tickets and see show times here!

Nir is touring with his second solo show as well, “Middle Rage”, and talks about the fun sides of depression, anxiety, cats, hate crimes dating as a single old man, and the bitterness rage and feeling of acceptance that can only come with a life exhaustively lived.


Dark Mode is Berlin’s premiere prime time Dark Comedy destination – and is produced and hosted by Nir Gottleid. You can find out all about Dark Mode here: https://dark-mo.de

DOORS ARE AT 22:15, SHOW STARTS AT 22:30 – this a donation based show and we have hungry actors to pay as well as addiction cravings to satisfy! Suggested donation is 10-15 euros but if you can’t afford it, we’re still happy to have you!

Bergstraße 2
Berlin, BE 10115 Germany
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